Birthings Issue 131 Spring 2016 – Against the Odds




‘Against the Odds’

“Welcome to our Spring issue of Birthings 2016, ‘Against the Odds’. 
Women on earth give birth at home all the time, different ethnicity, culture, beliefs, sizes, socioeconomic statutes and with or without medical conditions. Although it is common sense that the choice of birth should belong to the birthing mothers, there are so many restrictions and myths against women who choose to homebirth. There is a long list of conditions which indicates ‘high risk’, so anyone who ticks one of those boxes cannot give birth; not only at home but naturally. The modern culture of birth has been so over-medicalized, it affects people’s belief in ‘the NORM of childbirth’”. – BITNA CASTILLO Birthings Editor


Against the Odds

Home Birth Also Safer for ‘Higher Risk’ Women – Dr SARA WICKHAM

How to Overcome Pregnancy Loss –  GRACE MIANO”

Against the Odds Why Homebirthers Stick out like a Sore Thumb Sometimes – Dr ROBYN STEPHENSON


The Birth Story Of Zion JAHMACAH DUNCAN

The Grounding Birth of Willa LUCINDA JOHNSTON

The Birth of Cyan – NATALIE MEADE

The Birth of Jeremy – NATALIE HOLDEN


Including birth announcements, service directories and information.

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